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Romanian Residency

I have been invited by Michael Baron de Styrcea to undertake an Artist’s  Residency at Valeni, his family estate in NE Romania.  The estate was in his family for generations and he has now reclaimed it and renovated the manor house and other buildings.  The brief is to take inspiration from the ancient methods of farming and rural life which are still to be seen but are rapidly changing as Romania is modernised within the European Union.

We are setting off this week and driving over there via Austria and Hungary.  We plan to stay there for 3 weeks or so before returning in early May.  Quite an adventure and one I wouldn’t contemplate without Angus as my very experienced driver.

Following on from this I have arranged a solo exhibition at The Courtyard Arts Centre in Hereford in early 2020.  My intention is to include works from the Romanian residency and make connections with the many Eastern European workers who have been invaluable in harvesting the apples, strawberries and hops in Herefordshire. Who knows whether they will have all gone home by then?

In the meantime I’ll post more information about how I get on with this project.  I am intending to do a lot of drawing out there and then continue to work in the studio on my return.


1 April 2019