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Potter and Painter gallery shots


The exhibition in the Clayden Gallery at Quay Arts on the Isle of Wight ended on Saturday, 27 July.

Once again the combination of Molly’s pots and my paintings worked well.  We made no particular advance plans of what we would put together but themes, forms and colours emerged and complemented each other.  Molly’s new pots in dark greens and blues were seen against my new painting, Crows in the September Orchard, which is predominately green and blue.  My small paintings of apples, quinces and blossom set up a fruit and flower association with Molly’s cobalt wash dishes featuring quinces and lemons.  In 2017 there was a breezy maritime feel to the exhibition, this year it was more green and rural.  We still had our birds – the crows in the orchard and Molly’s guinea fowl tiles.

We look forward to continuing this occasional collaboration in the future.


31 July, 2019