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Six Artists in search of the Perfect Hill

This exhibition opened in mid July at Ludlow Assembly Rooms and ran until September 3. I was invited to join by Richard Gilbert, who had the original idea that six of us should choose our ‘perfect hill’. Mine was rather inevitably the Worcester Beacon which rises to the highest point of the Malvern Hills above where we live in Great Malvern. Unfortunately illness intervened during the run and I was not able to publicise the show as much as I had anticipated. At one point I was hospitalised for a few days and it was very pleasing that I could see ‘the sunlit uplands’ of the Worcester Beacon from my hospital bed.
I contributed a large charcoal drawing ‘The Beautiful View’ (in next post) and some small Sepia ink drawings plus 3 paintings. Sometimes the Beacon was centre stage and at others viewed from a distance.

10 September 2022