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Lockdown: work in progress

The coronavirus lockdown this Spring has been a strange experience for us all.  One good thing from my point of view has been the peace and quiet which has given me time to spend long uninterrupted periods in the studio. Perhaps because it was a year ago in April that we were in Romania I felt there was some unfinished business to be addressed.  While we were there I did some drawings for a painting which I didn’t have time to do before the exhibition at The Courtyard at Hereford.  This is a painting in progress of the Valeni manor house, showing Petrica, the plum blossom and the two dogs.  Petrica lives in the village and is employed to look after the grounds and chop wood, the plum trees were in full bloom when we arrived and the two dogs were always around the place.

Valeni manor house with Petrica and the Plum Blossom


16 May, 2020