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In the studio: a new drawing

Over the last few months I have been working on the Romanian project (see previous posts).  This drawing shows Olga and Costica, a couple who live near the manor house in the village of Valeni in Moldavia, NE Romania.  We were taken to visit them by the local Orthodox priest and although verbal communication was limited they were very warm, friendly and gracious.  They have about 2 hectares of land and have a fully equipped carpenter’s workshop, cowshed, barns and a poultry yard. They keep a cow and calf, two pigs, rabbits, hens and a fierce looking black dog on a chain.  Costica is a skilled carpenter and Olga is a wonderful baker, producing amazing pastries and cakes from an outdoor bread oven.

They must be the last of a generation with the skills to be virtually self sufficient.  We understood that their two sons have left the village.  In the drawing I try to convey something of their cheerful self reliance.

September 11 2019

Olga and Costica: Valeni, Romania